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You want the big picture for your business. Not just a project to address a marketing goal. You want the right strategy and on-target thinking for integrated marketing communications that works. Bold planning. Effective implementation. As a full-spectrum creative marketing services agency, VIDA Design and Advertising will supercharge your business image. Your impact on customers. Your vision for growth. Short-range or long-range. From enhancing the power and presence of your website to improving response with outdoor billboard advertising, VIDA will provide your business with customized marketing solutions.


Branding: It’s Not What You Sell, It’s How You Brand


A unique identity. Standing out in the markets you serve. Differentiating your products or services from those of your competitors. It’s your brand. Your power. It’s what your customers think and feel about your products or services. Entering a new market? Strengthening an existing one? VIDA will position your brand by determining the needs of your target markets and how your products or services are addressing them. Your company’s image? We’ll position you with distinctive logo design, stationery and business cards. And we’ll create messaging that gets right to the heart of your business. Your value propositions. Targeted, strategic thinking. The key messages your customers need to know. That’ll make a difference to your bottom-line. Taking your business to the next level by assessing your marketing goals. By leveraging your brand.

VIDA’s full-spectrum branding services include

  • Messaging
  • Positioning
  • Logo design
  • Stationery
  • Business cards
Online Promotion

Online: Maximize your Digital Presence

Change online. It’s happening right now. Usability. Metrics. Conversion. Navigation. How does your business stay ahead of the curve? VIDA integrates proven website design and development concepts with state-of-the-art interactive techniques. VIDA will evaluate your current web presence. Your marketing operations. What has worked? What hasn’t? What are the optimum solutions now? From enhancing visibility to improving ROI, VIDA’s interactive team will move your business toward increasing growth, greater profitability. Interactive thinking on the digital plan. It’s not traditional marketing. New platforms. New infrastructures. New challenges. To harness the power of the booming economy of ecommerce, VIDA will recommend the most effective online tools for your business. To market locally. To build recognition nationally. To do more business online than ever before.

Website Creation
Email Marketing
SEO & Online Promotion

Web Design & Web Development

Web Design

We’ll create your website to be a 24-hour online sales and lead-generating engine. VIDA will synergize the best practices available to communicate the “personality” of your business. Best practices like Google Analytics. We’ll analyze keywords, traffic sources, visits, content popularity, even conversion tracking to promote your site. And best practices like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Social Media promotion, and customized blogs. VIDA’s proven marketing strategies will position your website for ongoing growth within the rapidly-changing web environment.

VIDA’s innovative website creation services include:

  • Comprehensive and efficient site architecture: increases site visit length and navigability
  • Intuitive and effortless navigation: eliminates user frustration and encourages click-throughs
  • Efficient and useable structure and layout: directs viewer’s eye to key areas and eliminates user frustration
  • On-target copy that tells your story and speaks to your customers: inspires action and communicates your company’s messages
  • Compelling imagery: makes site visits more pleasant and inspires action
  • Enhancing use of color: increases memorability and makes visits more pleasant
  • Bulletproof code and maximizing technological resources: adds to functionality and lifespan ensures that any computer can display site correctly

Email Marketing: Building Relationships with Customers Cost-effectively

Web Design

Extending the reach and frequency of your marketing messages. You have a host of options. Email marketing is how your customers communicate. Think of every email you send out as your automated marketing staff member Email marketing gives you a competitive edge. You can do a great deal of product promotion with low investment. Email updates to your customers. Publish an e-newsletter. Create links to promote your entire product line. VIDA’s proven email marketing will give your business powerful benefits.

  • Increase your sales conversion.
  • Generate repeat sales.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell your products and services.
  • Gain valuable feedback from your customers.
  • Drive customers to make offline purchases.

VIDA will create the right messages and craft compelling images. We’ll give your business ongoing promotional email campaigns that your customers will want to open and read. On target. On budget. On time.

SEO, Online Advertising, and Social Media: Finding your Business Online

Web Design

Top search engine rankings. How do you get there? Keyword analysis. Frequency. Density. You also need a site with visual impact. Flash animation, great images, and graphics that sell your products or services. For search engine positioning and marketing results, you need the right synthesis: a visually exciting site that speaks the search engine language. You don’t only want to look good. You want to be found. And VIDA offers you both. We’ll provide you with search engine friendly campaigns. Achieve primary search engine placement. Dramatically increase website traffic and bottom-line revenue. Proven results. Cutting-edge techniques. Aesthetic and content-rich. Online advertising? VIDA provides a full spectrum of options. From Google adwords for sponsored links to banner ads. What complements SEO and online advertising? Social Media. It’s hot. It’s growing. It delivers powerful word-of-mouth marketing benefits. Customer engagement. Direct customer communication. Speed of feedback and results. Customer preferences. And social media is cost-effective and builds your brand.

VIDA’s specialized online marketing services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
Print Marketing

Print Marketing

At VIDA Design and Advertising, we’re marketing strategists. We build brands. We create company images. We make your business stand out in its markets and give your products the visibility they deserve. Big marketing thinking. Small agency environment. To increase sales. To grow market share. If you know your business can do more to connect with your customers, VIDA offers a full range of agency creative marketing services. From advertising and copywriting to direct mail, outdoor advertising and print collateral. Marketing that generates awareness and builds trust. Marketing that delivers excellence and results cost-effectively.

Direct Mail
Print Collateral


Effective advertising is a conversation. With your target markets. Your customers. VIDA understands their needs. Their aspirations. We’ll talk to them. We’ll tell them what they need to know about your products or services. We’ll tell them your story. Not only in words, but images. We’ll communicate with them. In print. Digitally. Whatever it takes. We’ll recommend the right advertising mix. The key messages. They’ll know your brand. Remember you when considering a purchase. That’s the conversation VIDA will have with your customers. That’s the conversation we welcome you to have with us.

Copywriting: Connecting with your target audiences

Saying the right things in the right way to your customers. That’s effective copywriting. And that’s the way VIDA serves clients. Your current customers have to be approached differently than new customers. VIDA explores what drives your business before we produce customized copy to meet your specialized marketing needs. Strategy first. Then the words follow. Your objectives. Your marketing challenges. Where you want your business to go. From an Annual Report that projects your company’s image, to a print ad that launches a new product, VIDA will deliver powerful, benefit-driven copy. To describe your brand. To motivate your customers to take action.

Direct Mail: Add the Personal Touch to your Marketing

Speak to your customers by name. Send your messages direct to their mailbox. Pinpoint. Strengthen your customer base. Focus on new markets. Segment for greater response. Your customers will know your products or services on a whole new level. See you in a new way. That’s what direct mail delivers. And that’s what VIDA will deliver to your business. Personalized direct mail marketing. Direct mail can go a long way to complement your company’s marketing goals.

VIDA offers comprehensive direct mail marketing services including

  • Targeted lead lists
  • Managing Business Reply Mail response
  • Supervision of mailhouse fulfillment
  • Highly experienced and results-driven design of all mailing promotions

Print Collateral

How do you want your customers to see you? A leader in your field. Great products. Outstanding service. Print collateral can take you there. High-profile brochures. Dynamic newsletters. Distinctive newspaper and magazine ads. Sell sheets that get the job done. Give your customers marketing pieces they’ll want to keep. Communicate with class. Compelling design. High-impact graphics. The right things about your brand, in the right words. Complement your digital presence with VIDA’s extensive print collateral capabilities. We’ll assess your marketing challenges and recommend optimum solutions. Print collateral will deliver value to your brand. VIDA will deliver results to your bottom-line. We provide you with many print collateral options including:

  • Brochures
  • Handouts
  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Sell Sheets
  • Newsletters